A Court of Silver Flames

Sarah J. Maas

The war is over. Everyone is safe. But not everyone is okay. Nesta has been put in a deep depression since the war. Drinking, partying, and sleeping with a different male every night. After her behavior and the events in A Court of Frost and Starlight, Feyre and the inner circle are done letting Nesta do nothing with her now immortal life. Cassian, Rhysands lead general, brings Nesta to her sister’s new home and is met with an intervention. While walking through the house, she notices that she’s a sort of outsider to the rest of this family. So, Feyre has decided that Nesta will live at the House of Wind, the home built into the side of a mountain, and will train with Cassian in the mornings and then work in the library with the priestesses. Of course, Nesta is outraged at the order. 

Now living at the House with Cassian babysitting her, Nesta is determined to make his life miserable. But there’s something interesting about this house. It speaks to her by showing her answers and objects to what she voices. And since Feyre has banned alcohol at the house, the only way in or out, without winnowing/ flying in, is to walk the ten thousand steps to the city below. So, Nesta, of course, tries and fails. Cassian insists that if she were to train, she could master the steps. But, she refuses. She refuses for weeks. Only when Cassian offers her a favor in exchange for an hour of training, does she finally relent. And she does amazingly well. So well, that she eventually starts to like the training and petitions to have the priestesses in the library volunteer to train with her. The priestesses that work in the library have had terrible things done to them in the past, so it’s a safe haven for them to live and work. Nesta wishes to give the same strength, both emotional and physical, to the priestesses so they never feel defenseless again. On top of her training and working at the library, Nesta has the task of locating the Dread Trove, three ancient and magical objects that can change the outcome of a war with a single thought. 

While on this journey of self acceptance and healing, Nesta meets amazing friends and companions, heartache and love.

Wow. This was amazing. I did not like Nesta in the beginning. The beginning of this book, in the beginning of this series. I never got to see and understand why she was so cold to Feyre. This was a hefty book, and there was so much information and plot development, it was crazy. In the beginning it was a little slow. It’s hard to switch from a first person point of view to omniscient. There is so much more information available to the reader, it can be too much. But I loved it. I think it worked really well for Nesta and Cassian’s story. 

Speaking of Cassian. Love him! He was so cute. You could feel the love pouring out this book. Every page had a new nugget of their relationship building. It was amazing to witness. And not only the romantic love was pouring out. There was so much friendly love in this. This really did showcase how important friends are and how much they shape you to who you are. Nesta was a completely different person at the end of this story and I was so happy. I cried multiple times in the last hundred pages. There were so many feelings and reactions coming out of me. Fear, anger, anxiety, love, understanding and so many more I can’t name them. 

The only thing I didn’t quite love so much was the climax. It felt too rushed. It was over in less than a page and then we were moving on to the grand finale where Maas really ripped my heart out. It just fell a little flat at the end. But the grand finale made up for it so it’s okay. 

And I have to say this: I kinda like Eris. He’s definitely not my favorite and he still has a lot of darkness surrounding his past choices, but to learn the source and reasoning behind those choices was so intriguing and surprising. We just got a hint of it but I’m so excited for the rest of his story. And this story left it open for so many more romances and friendships and forgivings to happen in the future. I can’t believe I have to wait for who knows how long for more of this incredible world and story. And I was sad to see less of Feyre and Rhys, but I was content with what I did get to see. 

So it’s five out of five stars from me on this incredible story. I am so exuberantly excited to see what’s next. Sarah J Maas! You gotta give me something to work with while I wait!! 

Place on shelf: earned.