A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sarah J. Maas

After her family loses their fortune, Feyre, along with her two older sisters and father move to a small village and live day by day. At the age of nineteen, Feyre has become the provider for her family, hunting and managing whatever money they have at the time. 

After killing a wolf on one of Feyre’s regular hunting trips, a beast appears at her door demanding her life for the fallen faerie. At the time Feyre hadn’t known she killed one of the immortal creatures that have tormented her people for centuries. She has two options: die or live the rest of her life with the faeries in their land. 

To protect her family from the faerie in front of her, Feyre is now living amongst the kind she hates. Upon arriving in the quiet Spring Court, Feyre is told she can live wherever she pleases, but that she’ll be safest staying in the Spring lands. When the beast that took her away from her family suddenly turns into a man, Feyre finds him handsome. But she can’t be a hundred percent sure of his beauty due to the elaborate and gorgeous masquerade mask covering the majority of his face. Everybody is wearing a mask at the estate. 

As Feyre is adapting to her new home, she is meeting new people and making friends. Her hatred towards the beast that stole her, Tamlin, turns from icy hostility to something warmer. She sees through the lies she’s been told growing up and is making her own opinions of the Fae she used to fear so deeply. But something isn’t right in the faerie lands. Something dark is growing and overtaking the beautiful place Feyre has come to enjoy. 

It is now up to Feyre to save Tamlin and his people from the darkness before they’re doomed to fate far worse than death.

Fantasy is not usually my first choice of literature, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book and it’s characters. Feyre (fay-ruh) is such a strong character and is willing to do whatever it takes to save what she loves. Still a young adult herself, Feyre has been tasked with caring and supporting her family and by default, has been neglected in other vital aspects of life. This book is categorized as YA and I think that’s great. Young adults and other groups, should read this and look up to Feyre and see that even if you don’t look like you’re something special, you are and are capable of great things. And she was such a delight to watch this story unfold through. She never hesitated in her thoughts and beliefs. 

. A witty, smart, sexy, cocky, and unrelenting cast, Sarah J. Maas developed an amazing supporting group of characters to help and challenge Feyre on her journey. Each with their own influence on Feyre, positive and negative. And so many unexpected turns along the way, this book keeps you on your toes. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Feyre and Tamlin and all the others on this trip. Fantasy is hard to read at times but this was great. And a very good blend of romance and the fantastical. In the first half of the book, I couldn’t see where the plot was heading until I was hit over the head with it. I was not prepared for how much and how quickly I came to love this book. Feyre is such a strong young woman and so easy to love and want to support. She taught me how important it is to stand up for those who don’t have a voice. Especially in times like today, this is so important. This book did make me cry at the end so well done. 

This will be looked as a classic in the future for its beautiful writing and extraordinary heroine.